A Foodie in Paris

So..I was lucky enough to travel to Paris recently for the 3rd time in my life, however this time it was for pleasure and not work! And oh was there pleasure!
I spent a fair few hours researching food before I went. I like to know whats good when I go to another country and I even went as far as to mark some of these places on my maps app, so I would never be stuck for somewhere to eat. Now if youve even been to Paris, you will know that this is near on impossible anyway as every turn has another boulangerie and patisserie or cafe or restaurant. But I was being picky! Now my research was intended to find a variety of foods, but inevitibly kept coming back to pastries and patisseries. If youre looking for an exquisite eclair or food that’s almost too beautiful to eat, then Paris is definitely one of the places for this. Some of the places where we experienced the best pastries are below for your viewing pleasure:

Angelina – Louvre (And other locations)
The MOST beautiful cake to look at and also eat! This is the Flore. A gorgeous bright red cylinder of vanilla mousse, meringue and fruit and it will be one of the the best decisions you will ever make. And if you want to head for a real indulgent rich afternoon, give the hot chocoalte a try. Angelina dont do things by halves and the hot chocolate most definitely sent me into a food coma (not ideal when you still have half of the louvre to see!)

Bertrands – Near Notre Dame
This is a lovely cafe with some of the biggest meringues I have ever seen in my life! I had a main and a dessert here and both were divine! I had an enormous hot dog in a classic french baguette covered in Cheese followed by a Tart Framboise which was delicious and exactly as described! Some one else in the group had a croque monsieur here and said it was the best he’d ever had!DSCF1874
Amorino – The best ice cream in the world! – 9th Arrodissement
Now Ive experience Amorino before on a trip to Barcelona (post Here) and when I tried it then I was blown away, and this time it happened to be about 50 yards from our hotel and I had 2 people who had never tried it before. It is some of the most light soft ice creams and sorbets ever and if you get it in a cone, they make it into a flower for you. If thats not reason enough to try, I dont know what is! There is also no limit on flavours, you can have as many as you like! Definitely worth a try wherever you can find one!

La Creme De Paris – 9th Arrondissement
Now this one mainly does crepes, which admittedly are available on every corner in Paris, but here you can sit in and they do sweet and savoury crepes. I happened to have the Oreo milkshake which was amazing and my pic had a carrot cake milkshake! Not something I have ever heard of, but these things have to be tried! He tells me it was good, although a little sickly!


Overall, pretty much everywhere you go in Paris, you will find beautiful and gorgeous tasting food! If you get the chance to go, do it, and take extra money for cake 😉



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