​ I Quit!

So I gave up smoking. Cold turkey. Because I just couldn’t afford to smoke anymore! As a side note, my 10 year old was always asking me to stop and I’m a terrible mother for that not being the reason I gave up, but hey ho, I’ve stopped now and that’s all that matters!

I’m 6 weeks in with not a single cigarette smoked! I’m yet to see the financial benefit as quite frankly it was a habit I couldn’t afford to support as it was! I have in fact found it easier than I thought it would be! I’m still waiting for something to happen that makes it super hard or really tests my will power!
Cravings did occur, especially in the first week, but they have disappeared now. I do have an urge to smoke every now and then but I generally just find something else to do! Usually a cup of tea!
My temper was slightly short for about a week, but I learnt to breathe through it! My sense of smell has come back with a vengeance! There was one point where I was sat on the toilet at work and I could smell dogs and mint! So random, but the lady that had just walked in owned a dog and presumably had a mint! I feel like I gave up smoking and gained a super power! Lol
I haven’t really noticed a major change in my taste, but maybe that will come?…
I do however have a new found love of cheese and a whole load of weird dreams! I’ve so far dreamt that PIC cheated on me, one of my friends was pregnant and it was causing paranoia, my auntie moved to a house with 10 bathtubs and my mum faked her own murder so she could run away! I’d like to go back to the dreams I don’t remember now please!
Tips if your thinking about quitting –
Keep away from your smoker friends – temporarily
Don’t go out where there could be alcohol and potentially fags
Always use the self service tills in shops so you’re not tempted to buy fags
Sign up to the NHS Smokefree texts, slightly annoying but also helpful
Also find the best app for you for that little bit of encouragement
Always have snacks available, you’re going to want something to distract you and it may as well be something you enjoy!
And tell everyone that you’re quitting! Makes it harder to break and their encouragement is helpful
Don’t turn into one of those non smokers who lectures smokers on how easy it is to quit!
Good luck!…

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