Food Glorious Food

I have a great love for food. Most types of food, i don’t like to leave anything out! Following my quitting smoking, I can of course taste and smell a whole lot better, and I need to replace that habit with something…..hello food!

I’m heading to Paris in the next few days and have become slightly obsessed with the pastries! I thought cheese would be my thing, and I will certainly be partaking in some while I’m there, but the pastries are just absolute gorgeousness in an edible form. I came across this guy who teams up pastry pics with some decent shoes (my other favourite thing) and its pretty awesome! Check him out on Insta – @desserted_in_paris I feel you too will fall in love!
Now I’ve never been a particularly healthy eater, sometimes i’ll do it for a week or 2, but my laziness soon takes over and its back to carb rich, comfort food! I also take issue with the fact that eating healthy seems to be double the price!! So below I have shared what would be a typical weekly shop for my family of 4 from Lidl along with a typical weeks food plan for us all and this all comes in under £40. If you could show me a similar plan and list but all healthy I would love to see it.
So this list doesnt include cleaning products or toiletries. I get that these are essential, but I cant eat them so are not relevant for this! lol
Shopping List
Bread x 2
Chicken Thighs
Chicken Breasts x 2 packs
Breaded Chicken
Mince x 2 packs
Stir Fry Sauce
Frozen Chips
Cheese Slices
Split Pot Yoghurts
Crisps (Multipack)
Tortilla Wraps
Chicken Nuggets
Bolognese Sauce
Lasagne Sauces
Pasta Sauces
Dried Pasta
Now most people could make a decent meal out of most of these ingredients every night of the week, but it also covers off school/work lunches too so theres no overspending on food there.
I actually started with a 7 day meal planner and then added to the shopping list what I would need – I then checked prices on which is a really good site if you want to see what you’re getting for you money!
All in all, you can plan for meals 7 days a week on a budget (and its still food I like), however its not going to help you if you’re on a diet!

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