New York New York

The City that never sleeps! What an awesome place! I would quite happily up sticks and move to New York without a second thought. Always something going on, something to see and do and fantastic people. Below is a review and some pics from when we went to New York, where I also happened to get engaged, on a boat, in Central Park……#gloating 😉

We stayed at Pod 39 on 145 East 39th Street
Fantastic little hotel, with space saver rooms and wallet saver prices. It was clean and modern and for a place where you’re only sleeping and not spending any real time, it’s great! Side Note – The shower and toiler is behind glass, so if you’re going with someone who you don’t want to witness you poo, check out a different room!
It was super close to Grand Central Station which I found to be a good centre spot for me, always somewhere to head back to!
It also has a taco place joined to the side, which does awesome tacos!
We ate at some of the following places:
Ellen’s Stardust Diner – Times Square –
The waiters and waitresses here sing to you while you eat! If that kind of thing makes you uncomfortable, don’t go, but the food is good and they’re voices are pretty awesome too!
Michael Jordan’s Steak House – Grand Central –
I had the best creamed spinach here that I’ve ever had! I know its a steak place, and the steaks were fantastic, the sides were outstanding! Cocktails are small here and because of the name, you’re going to be paying higher prices. This for us was an engagement celebration dinner, hence the splash out! And the setting is of course pretty amazing! That Ceiling!
MJ Steak
I knew before I even landed in NYC that I wanted to go to a Shake Shack! We don’t have them in the UK and they looked like a must try! They didn’t disappoint. The burgers are fresh and so many cool options to choose from. Awesome shakes…obvs and the cheese fries were to die for!
Shake Shack
Bagel Express – 347 Lexington Ave –
We ended up going here every day for a breakfast bagel and a tea. They have every kind of bagel you could possibly imagine including any filling, always fresh, always tasty! You just can’t beat a New York bagel. Coming home to UK ones was hard after this trip 😦
We also went to see all the standard sites while in NYC – Empire State, Boat round Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero and Freedom Tower (I was particularly moved by this and couldn’t emotionally handle going into the tower!), Central Park, Guggenheim, Chelsea Market, Wall Street, Times Square, Sky Line. Only thing we didn’t do was Brooklyn bridge and top of the rock, both for next time!
Woodbury Common Outlet – Now at least 5 people recommended this place when I said I was going to New York, and it’s only good if you want to do some serious shopping! I purchased tickets for a coach to Woodbury online before we went to NYC and just picked them up in Times Square, but there are places all over to get bus tickets anyway! Now I was told to take a suitcase with me to Woodbury, which I didn’t because I felt stupid, but that was a mistake! You should absolutely take a suitcase and fill it up with all the amazing deals you get! You also get a voucher booklet when you arrive with even more discounts so it’s a winner!!
Woodbury Bag
There is also the standard food halls with lots of different take away style foods, we had the best philly cheesesteak sandwich that I would actually just go back to the outlet for, never mind the shopping!
Overall, NYC is amazing and you could never be bored there! Do some itinerary planning before you go and use the subway! NYC is huge and the subway is always interesting!

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