At what age do kids learn and then decide to start calling you mother? No longer mum or mummy, but mother! Well my 10 year old seems to have skipped it all together but my 4 year old daughter has decided that now is the time!

My daughter happens to be incredibly clumsy, so I spend a lot of my time telling her to ‘watch where you’re going’ or ‘be careful’ to which I normally get no response or at best an eye roll, but this time, in the school playground and she says ‘Ok Mother’
Well that stopped me in my tracks!
Firstly, that girl has too much sass! Which supposedly is my fault.  Secondly, am I old enough to be referred to as Mother and thirdly am I embarrassing enough?! I love my kids and I’m not at the point yet, where I take enjoyment in embarrassing them, although I’m sure it won’t be long!
This seems to also have become a standard response to any request now!
Do you get referred to as Mother on a regular basis? Are you an embarrassing mum or is it a term of endearment?