So You’ve Got The Ring, Now What?!

When you get engaged, its generally awesome! I have 2 experiences of getting engaged. The first time the ring was put on a pillow while he stood across the room, waiting for me to open it and said ‘So, do you wanna marry me then?’ Hardly the fairy tale proposal some people dream of and an ignored warning sign that this dude was not the one!!

My second proposal was quite the opposite! On a trip to New York for my 30th birthday, whilst in a boat on a lake in Central Park, my now fiance popped the question with the most beautiful ring. Quite a difference, and I know this one is a keeper.
Then you get the excitement, you post on the book of face and everyone goes wild in congratulations, but its fleeting. Then everyone starts asking when youre going to get married! Now, neither of us have rich parents or are well off ourselves so a wedding of our dreams is in fact a wedding to suit our budget! We waited 18 months from getting engaged to actually setting a date and choosing a venue and even then its another 2 years until the big day. We’re trying to be sensible about it and make sure we can actually pay for our wedding and do any DIY bits with plenty of time.
It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the wedding mania though! I many a time have had wonderful grand delusions of manor houses on exclusive use hire with free accomodation for the whole family! Anyone who’s ever looked at venues knows this is not cheap!
So one day my mum suggests we go to a wedding fair at the Waddesdon Dairy. She happens to work at the restaurant associated and I’d never seen the place before so why not! This was also my fiance’s first wedding anything! So exciting all round. We get there and the place is stunning!! Gorgeous setting and gardens, beautiful rooms, used only for weddings and you get it exclusively for the whole day for your wedding. Amazing right?…..
We also get the best goody bag I’ve ever received at a wedding fair and got to see some lovely cakes and wedding stationary.
We pretty much fell in love with the place…so we booked it! We chose low season, so it was the cheapest rate without having to sacrifice it being on a weekend!
They were really helpful with the booking and really dont be afraid to negotiate with your venue. A wedding is a huge expenditure and you have to feel you are getting your moneys worth!
With that part out the way, we communicated the date and venue to a select few. Mostly those really close to us and just because we’re super excited!
We then sit down and get to the nitty gritty of everything else we want/need and how much its going to cost!
Im a very lucky lady in that not only do I have a very handsome fiance, but he’s also a designer and that comes in very handy for a wedding. All of the wicked wedding stationary was an inspiration to my hubby to be and he was in his element thinking about what we would have, but also how he could feasibly make a side business from wedding stationary! Another way to pay for the wedding 🙂
We have some other ideas on DIY decorations which I will share as we do them.
With the help of parents, our budget is reasonably affordable, but we are also being realistic, which can be hard to do when you’re beyond excited about getting married! But writing down everything that you would like along with rough prices and then whittling it down to what is affordable is a good place to start!
I will try and keep this a lifestyle blog and not all about my wedding! lol

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