A Foodie in Barcelona!

In this instalment of ‘a foodie in…‘ I got to go to Barcelona! I love tapas and I love Barca, so this is always a win win. The first time I went was actually with someone who had been the year before, and it was a last minute trip so really no prior research was involved! I was trusting my fella to show me what was good.

Trip 1 we stayed in Hotel Acta Mimic – Just a short walk from La Rambla and Port De Barcelona so a great location. Wasn’t too expensive and was quite a nice hotel. They are space saving rooms, so the shower was behind a glass screen in the room and the toilet had a normal door, but was right next to the bed. Plenty of space when all you’re doing is sleeping in there! Not so good when you’re needing a poo. #justsaying that when nature calls you may want to run a tap or sing a song, nothing worse than a quiet toilet!  At the time of this trip I had only been seeing my now fiancé for a few months and to be honest we just weren’t at that stage of our relationship. I should also mention we went for a long weekend, that’s a bloody long time to hold it in!…..TMI TMI

Plenty of space when all you’re doing is sleeping in there! Not so good when you’re needing a poo.

Anyway, I digress….

Trip 2 we stayed in an apartment. There are lots of them on booking.com and if there are 5 of you, its a great alternative to a hotel and ours ended up being 99 euros each so not bad at all!

Now the food!!

On my first trip, I was taken to one of the best tapas places ever and I proceeded to take the girls when I returned the second time round.

Its called Sagardi and is a pleasure for both the eyes and the taste buds. Now you grab yourself a seat in here and you can order off the menu, but why complicate things. You can just grab a plate and lining the bars are all these exquisite little variations of tapas for you to choose for yourself… And they are AMAZING!  Now these are the only 3 photos I got here and that’s quite simply because I was too busy eating! They count up your sticks at the end and charge you based on that. 

 exquisite little variations of tapas

We went to Sagrada Familia which is most definitely worth a visit, especially if you love beautiful architecture! It’s constantly changing as it is still unfinished, but it really is amazing inside and out! We got the subway there and had a bite to eat at the Snack Giralt Bar right next door. Not just your standard pizzas and sandwiches, I ordered a sub sandwich which came with an egg through the middle! This my friends filled a hole nicely! And they did massive bottles of cold water as it was 28 degrees at the time we went!

And Barca is the place where we discovered Amorino which I talked about in my Paris post. The most outstanding gelato you will ever experience and its just off La Rambla so definitely worth a visit!

As mentioned earlier, we were also near the port so we ventured over there a couple of times. There is a big shopping centre called Maremagnum. Loads of shops in there, of course, but also lots of restaurants and a few bars, all with views out onto the harbour. Great to grab a pizza or just a liquid lunch 😉 … We went for a liquid lunch #wheninrome

Barcelona is also home to several nightclubs and bars right at the other end of the beach at Port Olimpic. There is a Pacha there, an ice bar and several other nice places. There’s also a strip with shisha bars and all the usual places with very tanned Spanish men trying to entice you in for a watered down cocktail! We hit Pacha, not really my kind of music and it was packed, so we ended up sitting on the beach in the middle of the night with lots of others just people watching!… Drunk people watching… It was great.

All in all, I would recommend Barcelona to anyone, there’s lots to do and see and a million places to eat which is as good a reason as any to book a flight.





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