Ikea – The Real Relationship Test

I love IKEA, where else in the world can you get meatballs and scented candles for under a fiver! Not everyone can survive IKEA though. To summarise, there are at least 10 showrooms to walk through and inevitably you’ll come across some dopey or gormless people. Not to mention the arrow system that the majority of desperate shoppers choose to go against! Whole families come to IKEA at a time, probably something to do with the food but it’s a little frustrating that not all small humans are put in the free creche!

Where else in the world can you get meatballs and scented candles for under a fiver!

So… let’s set the scene, as a couple you’ve been together a while and the time has come where you’ve moved in together. You are possibly still in your little honeymoon bubble, as nice as it is, but you then decide you could do with some furniture and where better than, you guessed it, IKEA.

You’re wandering around, hand in hand, admiring all the lovely lounge and kitchen show rooms whilst thinking to yourself who has a kitchen that big in a 2 bedroom flat and who would’ve thought a work bench could make a chic dinning table… That’s when it all starts. You realise that maybe you don’t have the same taste in furniture. You like rustic wooden tables and chairs and the other half prefers minimalist black ones. Then there’s a comment about that being bachelor furniture and perhaps he wished you’d never moved in. There you have it, any previous little niggle or doubt that you pushed to the back of your mind about the relationship, every paranoid or insecure thought starts pouring out and its all caused by IKEA!! If you’d stayed in and shopped online, this wouldn’t be happening, but here you are standing in a warehouse made to look like a living room, arguing about dining furniture, wondering about your relationship!

Standing in a warehouse made to look like a living room, arguing about dining furniture

Eventually you agree on some furniture, but you’re not that keen and are just being nonchalant, this will undoubtedly be revisited in a later argument too. IKEA is good like that! You get through the showrooms and end up facing the restaurant, so you decide to calm down over a meal together… who can resist a plate of meatballs for £2.50, which you will eat in silence because they’re sooo good! After the rest you realise you’ve still got home furnishings downstairs to get through, but will the urge to pile scented candles in your trolley overtake the urge to punch the man you one day hope to marry… I hope so as at 85p a pop, they really are a bargain!

So you make it through the marketplace, pick up the table you were forced into agreeing to buy and then you have to try and load it into the car. This involves team work, something you are really not geared for at that moment in time. More arguing ensues and let’s be honest you’re grateful for that dining table leg separating the two of you on the journey home, even if it does mean your knees are touching the dashboard.

It’s at this point that I recommend when you get home that the building is done by only one of you, preferably the one who’s better with the tools. Only the really big stuff needs 2 people, so one of you can go and light the scented candles and put your feet up.

Those of the more chilled disposition get along great in IKEA

You will eventually make up and the IKEA argument will be far behind you, until you go again that is.  Now this doesn’t apply to everyone I might add. Those of the more chilled disposition get along great in IKEA and actually get way too over excited about finding glasses with flamingos on and this is the way I recommend IKEA to be done!

If you can make it round IKEA, you can make it anywhere 😉







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