Mothers Day

I am a mother and I come from a long line of mothers. Really strong, truly amazing mothers. As I’m sure that most of you do.  One day a year, we are celebrated.

Celebrated for bringing our children into the world and raising them to be the next generation of amazing mothers (and fathers). Ladies, we are superheroes and quite frankly one day of celebration is not enough! But seen as thats all we get, I thought I’d do a post to honour the mothers in my life!

Ladies, we are superheroes! 

To my mother. Thank you for being the strongest, kindest, most patient woman I know. Thank you for raising all 3 of us with poise, grace and a bloody good head on your shoulders. Thank you for being there in the waiting room when I had my first child at the age of 20 and not leaving until I felt like I maybe knew what I was doing.  And thank you for always being there when I needed you, which is often! Our mothers define who we become as women and I have the best example I could wish for.

To my nan. Thank you for helping to raise me. Thank you for never raising your voice. Thank you for always cooking me dinner when I find the time to pop up and see you. And thank you for being you, its because of you I am the woman I am today. You are gracious and patient and everything that a Nan should be.

To my mother in law (to be). Thank you for bringing up my fiancé! He is a kind man who has taken to my family like a duck to water and that can only be credited to you. Thank you for embracing my children as if they were your biological grandchildren. They absolutely adore you and get upset every time we leave your house and you make them (and me) always feel so welcome.

And finally to my Auntie. Thank you for always treating me like the daughter you never had. Thank you for always having the best most sound advice in any situation. Thank you for always making me feel at home. I know you would do anything for anyone and now you get to be a fantastic Nan, even if it is to another

I know lots more mothers, each amazing in their own individual way and each has influenced me for the better. To all of you, I celebrate you every day. And to all of those who can’t spend this day with their Mother, my heart goes out to you.

Happy Mothers Day








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