Beauty on a Budget

I have always considered myself pretty useful when it comes to DIY beauty. I do my own shellac nails for example, I usually do my own hair and my wonderful fiance does my lashes and brows. All of this is pretty budget friendly, so I thought I’d share some of my tips and kit etc to help you take control of your own pampering 🙂 And also help those of you who are sick of seeing reviews of £50 foundation etc!!


Nails – As I said, I do my own shellac. You can buy a starter kit for around £50 and this usually includes the UV lamp, top coat, base coat, wipes, nail varnish remover and a couple of colours. This one is a really great starter kit – UV Nail Starter Kit. Now although £50 may not sound budget friendly, its your only pay out unless you want to buy lots of colours. Bearing in mind getting your nails done in a salon is around £15 a go, you’ve already covered your costs doing them yourself in 3 1/2 goes! I always buy my gear from discount nails and they’ve never let me down.

  • Colours – Make sure you pick from the CCO colours as they are a third of the price of the CND shellac ones and they really do last a long time.
  • Nail Prep – Make sure your nails are clean, well filed and cuticles pushed down. YouTube is great for tutorials if you’re unsure on this.
  • Timings  – My process goes like this – Base Coat – Cure for 30 seconds – First Colour Coat – Cure for 120 seconds – Second Colour Coat – Cure for 120 Seconds – Top coat – Cure for 120 Seconds – Wipe down.
  • Colour Removal – To remove, you should soak small pieces of cotton wool with the nail varnish remover, place on the nail, wrap in foil and leave for 10-15 minutes, then remove. You may look like Edward Scissorhands, but its the best way to remove while protecting your nails!

Side Note – If you get bored with your own nails, eBay is great for buying fake nails in bulk for super cheap and they come with glue and in all different shapes, I’m still getting through 200 stiletto nails! lol


Lashes – As I mentioned, my fiance does my eyelashes, but it is possible to do them yourself! I’m not talking about strip lashes here, I’m talking individual clusters. They are more natural and usually last 1-2 weeks. If you have someone with a steady hand to help, recruit them, otherwise be prepared for patience and practise 🙂 The ones that I recommend are by Eyelure and come in 3 different lengths and have a great glue and also an eyelash remover.

  • Tweezers – You must have a good pair of sturdy tweezers for application.
  • Clean Eyes – You can have foundation etc on, but no eye make-up. If you have mascara on before you apply these, you will have a hard time getting it off! The glue is strong so these aren’t 1 night lashes.
  • Length – Use the lengths at different points along your lash line, long at the outer corner getting shorter as you go in
  • Patience – You will need lots of this if doing yourself, but you can get there and its so satisfying when people compliment your natural lashes, and you know you didn’t pay £80 for them!!Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 18.21.36

Brows – Now this one should be pretty simple… some tweezers!! Waxing is quick and easy, but definitely an unecessary cost when you can pluck your own eyebrows at home. Even better if you can get your partner or sister etc to do them for you! Just remember not to pluck from the top too much as you’ll lose your shape and you can always fill in with a pencil!

My fave eyebrow pencil is by sleek, it’s very soft and subtle, has a brush on the other end and comes in 3 different colours. You can buy it HERE for £6.49.

Hair – Now I will cover hair in another post. I currently have blue hair and have had many colours over the years which I think will take a whole post to talk about!

Hope this helps and gets you doing DIY beauty, who knows, it could turn out to be a hidden talent that you can make some money from!!






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