3 Fave Hair Styles

Hey there peeps. Thought I’d write a little post about hair. I very often get bored with my hair so start looking for different things to do with it, things that are simple as I don’t have the mad skills that some ladies do with their hair! So below are some of my go to looks and the tools I use to get them! And as usual, they’re budget friendly 🙂

Look 1 – 50’s Curls

I say 50’s curls because these curls make me feel very pin-up which is great, but they’re not pin curls etc. I achieve this look using GHD’s. Now I know that GHD’s are not budget friendly, but I have owned mine for over 5 years and they never let me down, so theyre definitely value for money, but any straighteners that have moving plates should help you get this look. This video pretty much covers the method that I use, mine end up more a gathering of curls at the bottom. But everyone’s hair curls differently.


Look 2 – Loose wavesimg_1680

I love this look, and the longer your hair the easier this is to do. Its looks good on everyone 🙂 I use the Babyliss Boutique Soft Salon Waves Wand – available here for £32. It has a nice thick barrel so you get the lovely soft waves, rather than tight curls you can get with some thinner wands.  I literally just wrap a section of hair around the barrel and hold for 10 seconds. Then voila! These things take practise as well until you get a look your happy with.


Look 3 – Deep Barrel Waves2014-09-272020-50-40.jpg

This is another look that I love. It’s this amazing tool that just makes great wide crimps in your hair and it looks fantastic! I use the Toni & Guy version, but there’s so many out there, they are all the same shape so I don’t think you can go wrong! You can buy mine here though. Mine is not a 3 prong one, it’s a full shape and I prefer how it comes out to the other ones.


I don’t actually put any products in my hair, its been through enough, and my natural curl means these looks pretty much stay put without hairspray, but if your hair is on the straighter side, hairspray will be your friend! And if you’re ever in doubt as to how to use one of these tools, YouTube is really great for tutorials etc 🙂






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