How gullible are your kids?..

So I realised this morning just how elaborately we lie to our children in order to keep the peace!

I realised this because last night my daughter decided that she couldn’t possibly sleep and most definitely couldn’t even attempt it in her bed! And the reason?……because she’s scared that a monster will get her!
Now I think my lie for this was quite a good one, well I believed it anyway…..

‘Mummy’s room has an invisible monster shield over the door, humans can walk through, but as soon As a monster tries…..’cue electrocution reenactment!
She wasn’t buying it. Shes asking all sorts of questions like ‘What if a giant monster as big as the earth comes and slams down on top of the house?’
Well then the shield had spread to cover the entire house, including next door and their 2 little boys!
To be honest, none of it made any difference and I had to cuddle her to sleep (which is rare these days so I actually savoured it!), but it did make me think about what we tell our kids.

I remember telling my son, when he was about 6, about a bear called Barry that lived behind our shed, but you could only see him if you believed! This one was a pure imagination feeder and it helps them to learn to use their imagination and play on their own. But I have also told lies for a purely quiet life!
Some of my particular faves are:

***Ice Cream Van Song***
‘Mum, Can we have an ice cream?’
‘No, that sound means they’ve run out, sorry’


‘Mum, can we go out for dinner?’
‘No, the restaurants are all closed now’


‘Santa is always watching’

This one usually cues lots of questions from my sceptical 10 year old, but I have become quite a master with the Santa lies and keeping that magic alive!

‘If you break a pinky promise, your winky falls off’

Not one of my best 😂

What are some of the best lies you’ve ever told your kids and do they work? I might use them 😉



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