I’m In Love…….With Mac

So much so, that I actually dream about Mac make-up!

I think part of it is because I totally cant afford it, and part of it is my reasonably recent found love of lipstick! In my opinion, Mac Matte Lipstick is one of the greatest things ever made. Its lasts for ages, and will always bag you a compliment!!

My fave tip is to fully line your lips before applying said wondrous lippy. This for me just means it sticks around a lot longer!

I currently have 3 favourite colours:

Velvet Teddy

Velvet Teddy

Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo



All of these lipsticks are 16.50, which is really outrageous for something you stick on your lips, but its actually worth every penny!

When I wear lipstick, I am usually told how nice I look that day or how gorgeous that colour is, as opposed to when I wear none, no-one says anything! lol

The Ruby Woo gets the most compliments, I think its something to do with the stunning colour and also the matte effect!

I also have one of Mac’s lip pallets, courtesy of my sis! Now I chose that one because I wanted to experiment with some other colours and that was a good way to try some out without buying a full on lippy! Plus there is mixing potential with a pallet, the fun never ends!! 

Mac Pallet

In summary, get yourself over to Mac and get yourself a lovely lippy! You won’t regret it!


Next for me will be foundations and highlighters – they were what I dreamt about 😉





3 thoughts on “I’m In Love…….With Mac

  1. Love Mac lipstick I’m using Twig
    Also just changed foundation to charlotte Tillbury was always a Clinique foundation fan but they stopped making the one I liked!


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