Line up, line up….

This ones for Charlie 😉

Turns out that lip liner is one of the most under used and under estimated tools to have in your make up arsenal!

I had some great feedback from my last post ‘I’m in love…….with Mac‘ and I came to realise that no lipstick is worth the money you pay unless you invest in some lip liners!

Now of course you can buy the matching lip liner for every lipstick you buy, and as much as I’m sure that would be aesthetically pleasing, it’s not realistic or necessary!

You can in fact get away with having just 3 liners.

You can in fact get away with having just 3 liners. Your base colours should be a red, a wine and a nude colour and your liner should always be lighter than your lippy.

3 that I particularly like are:

Boldly Bare

Boldly Bare

Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo


Now….the application. This is the important bit and again where lots of people can go wrong.

Step 1Exfoliate your lips, but only if you suffer with dry flaky smackers. You can buy a good lip scrub from anywhere or you can go all out with a 50/50 mix of sugar and coconut oil 👍🏻

Step 2 Lip balm… the very first step of your whole make up routine, whack a bit of balm on. Gives it time to soak in before you get to the lips and is especially good if you’re using a matte colour.

Step 3Warm up the liner. Either by drawing on your hand first or between your thumb and finger. This will help it go on better.

Step 4Line them up! Now the important thing to remember here is not to only Line your lips, but to completely fill them in! This will mean not only are you stopping feathering, but you’re also setting yourself up for a long lasting wear! I start by drawing an x shape on my Cupid’s bow, then Line around the lips, including the corners and fill in.

Step 5Apply your lipstick. Can do straight on or with a brush, I do both but the brush is good for better accuracy.

Et Voila…..beautiful lips!

Now, don’t be afraid to experiment! You can always wipe off and start again 👍🏻



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